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Locs locs locs !

I wrote previous post about my faux locs however, I’m here with a new and improved technique to achieve them in less time at any length you choose. First let me start by saying, I’m so much better at braiding now I can actually do a box braid, which was nearly impossible the year before. The braids are key to my faux loc success so bear with me.

These are my Cinderella Locs, the name felt girly and magical which is how they made me feel lol.


See the curly ends? That’s why I chose Cinderella, they’re fancy, she’s fancy, I’m fancy!

Step 1: Braid the root of the hair you have sectioned off for the loc as tight as possible. Not too tight because we don’t want too much tension, but tight enough that nothing is sliding down. It makes for the best hold (I used to twist before I learned to do box braids) and they came loose so quickly it was pointless.. So braid everyone, braid!

It doesn’t quite matter if you braid all the way down or not, but try to go the length of the hair to prevent and actual locking while the style is in.

Step 2: Crochet 2 pieces or strands or Marley braid hair through the root of the braid. THEN begin wrapping the marley hair around the braid you just did and your life will be so much easier I swear! This step right here, saved me so much time…Maybe I just wrap slow in general, but crocheting the piece through before give it more stability, and more hold. No sliding!!!


Step 3: After you finish wrapping the length of the loc, make sure that you have excess marley hair hanging off to make the curlies on the ends. I’m not a big fan of the boho locs that use the really shiny pre curled hair on the tips, they look too uniform and fake. I like variety in my faux locs, and with this method, no two locs are the exact same.

Tie multiple (3-4) very tiny knots at the end of the braid, and then do the same with the marley hair too. The knots you tie with the marley hair, make sure they’re around the braid, or else this will all have been for nothing.

Step 4: Wrap the straight fluffy ends that you have leftover after tying the knots around flexi or perm rods. Dip in hot water, don’t burn yourself and there you have it.

My absolute favorite faux loc method that I have tried so far. Cinderella Locs for the win! I hope you all enjoyed this 🙂

~Love Chelsi ❤

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